I am Apothecary "Mama" Cynthia. I am a Global Wellness Specialist and a Modern-Day Apothecary.

I began Precious Oils Up on the Hill in 1991. My love and passion are found in the "gifts of nature" that include essential oils, herbs, and teas. In 2014 I began a small business, Bernice's Tea & Spice, where I was able to expand my passion. My new herbal functional and wellness tea company, Chitta Herbals ~ Zen In A Cup is a brand that I created in 2020. I, like you, began to have even greater stresses in my life with Covid 19. As I began to reduce my stress it has become my mission to help you find some natural ways to reduce yours.

I specialize in helping those seeking natural remedies to maintain and improve their health, have a greater sense of well-being, and enjoy the pleasures of life with the "gifts of nature". The "gifts of nature" are teas, spice and herbs, and 100% pure essential oils.

I have three things that I like to keep in mind with my customers. First, the ingredients must be easy-to-obtain. I also like to keep the cost affordable as you begin to take your health into your own hands, and they need to be simple to use. 

My clients love that I can not only suggest a single essential oil but offer custom blending per their need. 

One of my passions, as I continue to learn and teach more on the gifts of nature, is found in my passion for the ancient world. I have uncovered "secrets" of ancient healers such as Moses Maimonides, Pliny the Elder, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and Dioscorides.

As I grow older, I have gained much appreciation and respect for the ancient wisdom found in their writings. Many have illuminated my understanding of the plant kingdom in ways that I share with my clients.

When I began Bernice's Tea & Spice as a small little retail outlet, I carried over 300 teas and herbs, and about 80 essential oils. It was a unique shop, I loved to custom blend Tea, Spice, and Aromatherapy products for my customers. During this season I went beyond traditional herbals that I have used for 40+ years. I took courses where I gained extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Herbs and ancient traditional plants that are used in Ayurveda. Many of these plants were highly beneficial in the ancient days and are being rediscovered today. 

While my little shop was relocated in 2018 to a space in Main Street Antiques in Mooresville, North Carolina my custom blending of teas continues with my new wellness tea line. Many of these functional wellness teas contain Tulsi a/k/a Holy Basil. Tulsi is called The Queen of Herbs. 

I am honored to be a committee member of a special garden project located in Biblical Tamar Park called The Garden of the Ages. Biblical Tamar is an archaeological site that dates back 4000 years located about an hour south of the Dead Sea in Israel. The Garden of the Ages plants will include myrrh, frankincense, and the Balm of Gilead. This is where I also volunteer 2 to 3 times a year cooking for groups that stay at the park.

I first began my herbal and natural healing interest in 1980 when I planted my first sage plant. As my family grew so did my love of the plant kingdom. In 1989, I made potpourri's, tea blends and spice mixes, infused oils and vinegar, and many other herbal crafts and began selling them at the local Farmer's Market. At that time, herbal remedy books were abundant but there was little information on pure essential oils.

Much of what I learned was at first experimental with my family and friends. Then, the reality of the potential healing power of aromatic medicine was no longer "an experiment". It became necessary when my son, John, was hit by a car when he was 11 years old. The bruises on his body covered his torso around to his buttocks. I blended lavender and rosemary essential oils and applied warm compresses two to three times daily. I began to witness a miracle as those nasty blue-black bruises "disappeared" and did not go through that ugly green-yellow stage of healing. This was a game-changer in my life. I consider that experience to be a large part of the "Why do I continue on this natural healing path", and why I am committed to helping you.

In 1991 two important milestones happened to me. First, on May 1st I had an "experience" with God and Precious Oils began. In the fall of that year, I became a Food and Nutrition Master with North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. It was during this season I was encouraged to write and share how I fed my family nutritionally well on a budget. My first title was "How to Feed Your Family on $45.00 a week.

I was featured in newspapers throughout the nation including The Charlotte Observer, Tulsa World, Chicago Tribune, and The Sacramento Bee. I was featured in articles in major magazines; Women's Day and twice in Family Circle.

In the early '90s, my family of 8 were guests on The Phil Donahue Show. I was a guest on The Television Food Network on a show hosted by Michelle Urvater called Feeding Your Family on $99.00 a Week. I also appeared on Rolanda, a national talk show where I shared many of the money-saving tips that I used in feeding my family nutritionally well on a limited budget.

In 2008, I began to share my love of the plants of the Bible when I wrote "The Precious Oils of the Bible; A Study of The Fragrances of the Bible.

In 2010, I authored "Esther's Days of Purification". In this book, I connected diseases with the healing properties of Oil of Myrrh. Also, I linked emotions that Esther may have possibly felt during her purification process. Many have some of those same emotions and I share how possibly Oil of Myrrh could help them to overcome and begin their own physical and emotional healing path. I am excited that in 2021 I will be releasing "The Rest of the Story of Esther's Purification" in my new book "The Healing Rose". Also in the works is another book about Ancient Plants and Modern Uses.

While my little tea, spice, and aromatherapy shop are reduced to a space located in an antique mall, I continue to serve my customers locally and via mail-order with my vast selection of teas, spices, herbs, and pure Precious Oils essential oils.

When you want to improve your health with natural remedies using the “Gifts of Nature” you need an expert. I can help you use effective, natural remedies for your health, have a greater sense of well-being, and enjoy life to its fullest, with easy-to-obtain ingredients, low-to-medium costs, and encourage you to take your health into your own hands!

Feel Free to e-mail me at ApothecaryMamaCynthia@gmail.com