Our modern way of life and current situation with the global pandemic has resulted in mankind's stress levels being at an all-time high. It is my goal to help you reduce stress in these trying times with teas, spices, and essential oils.

My goal is for the body to adapt to the stresses that we all have in our lives, be it environmental, physical, emotional, financial, and mental stress. Mental stress is a term that began to make headlines as Covid -19 began to impact us in something that all of us had never experienced before. 

 My passion and love for "God's Gifts of Nature" are some ways to help you. Other ways that I share do not cost much and even are free. 

If I can help you, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at ApothecaryMamaCynthia@gmail.com

  • Breathe. One common thing that many of us share is that we breathe at a shallow level, not deep. I am not a canary who can carry a tune, but a crow, I learned a secret from a friend who sings in an opera. One of the first things that are taught is the importance to fully inhale and then exhale. Begin to practice deep breathing techniques to reduce and maintain stress.
  • Nature. There are many ways to incorporate it into your life. Take a walk, garden, visit a botanical garden or a plant nursery. Even take time to look at seed catalogs. Bring what I call "nature in a bottle" with essential oils in a room diffuser or an aromatherapy necklace such as my "Travel-Scents". I love to combine the recordings of nature (birds singing or a gentle rain) with my essential oil therapy.
  • Cook. Try new recipes, techniques, and cuisine. It was reported that sales of small appliances skyrocketed as the pandemic increased last year. Another important factor in cooking is that you know what is in your food and can make healthier choices in what you put in your body which can reduce stress.
  • Tea. Herbal tea infusions are often a better choice as they do not contain caffeine. I like to say that tea is "aromatherapy".
  • A new hobby such as painting or learning a musical instrument can help open up hidden gifts and creativity. My dental hygienist told me she learned how to crochet by watching you-tube. She began to make winter hats for her family and friends and doggie sweaters for the four-legged ones. I myself got a Davidic 10-string harp and just take time to try new songs and just to sit and feel the vibration of the strings as I play.