Aromatherapy Necklace and Essential Oil Kit.

Necklace Design Rose Music Scale Hearts

Travel-Scents from Precious Oils is not only an aromatherapy necklace for travel, it can be a relief to those who have "mask fatigue". 

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Travel-Scents from Precious Oils







Apothecary Mama Cynthia was featured on "What a Great Idea" with Bob Circosta and Chad Allen.

The Cost of the Travel-Scents Aromatherapy Necklace Kit is $32.00. It includes the aromatherapy necklace, case, and the bonus of 2 pure essential oil blends (Cold & Flu and Citrus Kiss).

You will receive 4 reusable pads. The colors will be random. 

Shipping is included.

The necklace and chain are stainless steel.

In-stock are the following Aromatherapy Necklaces Designs:

I'm working on uploading pictures of available designs. E-mail                   until we can get them uploaded.